Kristina Kovatcheva

Psychosociaal therapeut, wellbeing consultant, bedrijfsmaatschappelijk werker

Sometimes life can throw several challenges at you. You might feel like you’ve lost your path, it might be full of roadblocks you just can’t seem to overcome or you can’t figure out how to get from point A to B.

You might feel stuck, unworthy, exhausted, disconnected, unsatisfied, unsure or lonely.

I am very passionate about supporting you to discover and connect to your authentic self, beyond your childhood conditioning, traumas and high expectations of society, giving you the tools and moving forward feeling more:






to yourself, the people around you and your goals.

How can I help you?

I offer

  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • In-company wellbeing consultancy and employee wellbeing sessions

I welcome you to work together if you are dealing with:

– relationship issues
– career decisions
– low self-esteem & unrealistic self-image
– stress, work-life balance & wellbeing
– clarity on your (professional) goals / life purpose
– anxiety
– depression
– grief & loss
– traumatic experiences

Why choose Kickstart You?

I understand the lives of the fast-paced, modern high-achievers, creatives and changemakers in a digital world. The mindset, ambitions and expectations of Gen Z and Millennials are not a mystery to me. I challenge the status quo, just not at the expense of your mental health, balance and wellbeing. Together we dive to the core of your challenges quick, and we level to your needs and goals efficiently. 

Oh, and I work in three fluent languages (English, Dutch, Bulgarian).

This is what you can expect:

– Putting personal connection first. – 

In person or remote. It is up to you. Talking to your mental health professional during planned sessions only is so 2019. You have an open line with me 5 days a week through whatsapp and email.

– Treating people, not symptoms. – 

No protocols. No diagnosis. Not just a number. No contracts with insurers. Minimum administration. All attention to you.

– Empowering you to be in charge of your health & wellbeing. – 

Down to earth, practical, solutions oriented. Getting to the core of your challenges quick & with no fuzz. You are in charge of your process.

– Culturally sensitive & inclusive. – 

It is my statement to you. (& I uphold it quite fiercely.)

– Adaptive & versatile. –

A ppolymath in mental health – using a variety of scientifically proven methods & therapies to support you. 

I work with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR, couples therapy, COMET, Single Session Therapy (SST), solutions based therapy and schema focused therapy. I use a mix of methods catered specifically to your challenges and goals in question.

Endless therapy? –

Hell no. 😉 I value you as a client until I retire. But I am thrilled when you decide to not see me anymore. 😉 
Of course, you’re welcome again any time in the future when you need holistic health support.

About Kristina Constantina 

Hi, I’m Kristina.

Early on in life, I followed the lead of my families’ and societies’ expectations for success and achievements. Graduating from law school and pursuing a career as a legal counsel and data analytics & innovation consultant in financial services, I know how hard-working changemakers are struggling to juggle multiple responsibilities in life’s rat race, often feeling disconnected from their true needs, desires and dreams.

Fuelled by unfulfillment, stress and hit by a couple of critical life events in my early 30s, I found myself at the precipé of walking out of the office, burned-out, depressed and shut down and never coming back. 

And this is exactly what I did.

I took the opportunity to transform many years of conditioning, unsafety, anxious attachment, generational trauma, guilt, shame and loneliness into the kickstart of the new ME – in line with who I truly am, what I want and what I need. I stopped bullshitting and sabotaging myself and took ownership of my health, happiness and my relationships.

Today, I help individuals to break through patterns, build resilience and express their authentic selves and organisations to disrupt ‘wellbeing as usual’. Through an accessible, personalised and down to earth approach, I support you in transforming from surviving to thriving.

Although holistically inspired, my style of work can be described as grounded, experiential, compassionate, direct and trauma-informed.

Check the availability below for your first 20 min free Discovery call. Please share shortly how I could support you and select the date/time that works for you. 

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